Ana Banduka, Nemanja Golijanin, Davor Gromilović, Damjan Kovačević, Iva Kuzmanović, Nemanja Lađić, Veljko Marković, Branka Nedimović, Ana Pavlović, Mina Piščević, Jelena Vladušić


August 9th – 25th

“Luftiranje” is a two weeks lasting art event based on the exhibition that brings together eleven artists working in various fields of art. Taking place in the mid of August, in a gap between the two seasons, “Luftiranje” brings focus to the tirelessness of the industrious capacity  and a non-stop need for a culture.

By it’s eclectic and straightforward approach, “Luftiranje” stands as a unique structure that holds formal and less formal interactive art events, discussions and presentations in order to emphasize the importance of a continuous communication and exchange between the artists and the audience.

Photo: Branka Nedimović