New-YU Sonic-Alliance #003

SAUD [RS], NOITU [MK], Envélope Cruz [RS/FR], Flux Tendu [BEL], WTNS [FR]


August 18th at 8 pm

DSPH Sounds is stoked to present you the third installment of our irregular, thought-provoking, live audio-visual series: New-YU-Sonic-Alliance. Each edition is showcasing some of the most delicate sound experimentalists originating and operating around Eastern-Europe and beyond.
This time the evening is curated by the intricate Belgrade/Paris based A/V collective Envèlope Cruz and will happen inside the pristine U10 Art Space in Belgrade. Hosting the following line up of artists and performers:

❐ Envélope Cruz [RS/FR]
❐ Flux Tendu [BEL]

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DJ Set

Responsible for bringing advanced dance music artists such as Aïsha Devi, Eomac, Mumdance and Untold to the infamous Drugstore Belgrade, SAUD is mostly focused on the vitalist legacy of hardcore continuum. Oriented to leftfield and breakbeat patterns of UK soundsystem music, he is bringing these influences together towards a contemporary, post-techno form of rhythmic psychedelia.

Noitu [MK]
SCATTER_RADAR | Live A/V Performance

Noitu is the audio-visual output of Saso Puckovski a cross-disciplinary artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia. Saso’s work spans across the spheres of sound art, audio-visual performance and installation art. His main interests are focused within the fields of site-specific and environmental interventions; building immersive experiences by using sound, imagery and interactivity as well as a constant research into the territory of sonic consciousness, microtonality, non-standard tunings in music and atonal frequencies in sound. Noitu’s musical approach can vary greatly, ranging from very clean and subtle layered drone textures and delicate ambient soundscapes to extremely precise rhythmic patterns, distorted but warm sounds and complexly arranged compositional structures.

Flux Tendu [BEL]
DJ Set

Since the age of 16, Dragan Marković aka Flux Tendu has been listening to and playing a broad range of genres, from jazz to techno, from afrodisco classics to global beats. Not belonging to any particular tribe, he shares a sense of freedom and escapism with some of his heroes such as Dj Marcelle and Lefto.
After a break in his digging fever, Dragan is now back to his first love. Since 2015, he’s been busy spinning in various places such as Urban Spree Berlin, Esperanzah! festival, Vk Concerts, LaVallée, Giraffes and Penguins, Bonnefooi…
Every first Saturday of the month, 9:30pm – 11:30pm, Flux Tendu hosts a show on Radio Panik 105.4 FM. As the name suggests, this is an exploration through thin relations between tracks, a sort of musical cadavre exquis.

Envélope Cruz [RS/FR]
Live A/V Performance

Belgrade / Paris trio (Nemanja Trećaković, Alma Đelić, Andrej Vasilijević). Envélope Cruz explores extraterrestrial ambient / drone / dub / electronic soundscapes using a custom built max msp / jitter / vuo audio | video system.

DJ Set

Student, DJ, photo model, dancer, singer and graphic designer originally from Paris. Part of the artistic collectives La Hûtte, Soundsystems Reims and Envélope Cruz.

DSPH Sounds is an Eastern EU-based electronic arts movement, running a music publishing platform and organizing cutting-edge audio-visual events and showcases. DSPH is mainly focused on promoting new forms of abstract and innovative electronic music, ranging from IDM and Ambience to Glitch, Musique Concrète and Digital Minimalism.