Exit Through the Glory Hole

EmaEmaEma, Fat Kid Beny, Fuck New Rave, Weedzor, Д.Л.Т, Curator: Relja Bobić


Pervert’s Guide to Belgrade’s Graphic Underground

November 1st – 17th

Over the course of a three-week period in June 2012, a group of five Belgrade-based artists has exhibited together for the first time – EmaEmaEma, Fat Kid Beny, Fuck NewRave, Weedzor and Д.Л.Т. took over the space of the legendary Neurotitan gallery in Berlin Mitte, located in the middle of the Haus Schwarzenberg independent cultural complex. Their works got a chance to be seen in a completely new context, while the authors themselves dedicated their time to working on site-specific interventions specially for the occasion. Probably for the first time, although they have been active on the Belgrade scene for a number of years, the five invited artists found themselves in the position to present their works, setups and ambiances in a relevant gallery space, presenting a specific direction of styles, techniques, inspirations and specific artistic approaches.

As well as during the initial presentation of this project, the authors react to the physical space of the U10 gallery, creating a special immersive visual experience. The exhibition will consist of existing works, the ones prepared for this occasion only as well as interventions in the space itself. As a feedback of the communal activity which took place within the open, neutral and inspirational of the Berlin art context, the return of the authors to their too-familiar surrounding with a special “homeshow” will offer an entirely new, different and unexpected Glory Hole incarnation.

Curator: Relja Bobić
Photo: Luka Knežević – Strika, Saša Arsić