Unlike Us

Petar Sibinović


November 7th – 23rd

Petar Sibinović’s drawings are produced by automatically generating forms, correspondingly delivering images from the artist’s subconsciousness to paper, which is also often randomly selected. He uses both high- and low-quality materials in order to achieve the texture and sometimes an illusion of the grainy properties of the presented forms; thus showing crosshatching, marker strokes, exhausted pens as well as the printed paper incorporated into the drawing itself. In this way, a particular diary of the artist’s subconscious states comes into being, framed by the inevitable materiality of reality. Unfinished associations triggering forms represented on the drawings leave a certain amount of space to be developed at liberty in the observer’s imagination.

The forms often have contradictory, juxtaposed or in some other way two-meaning characteristics, as they often represent two opposites encompassed in a single homogenous form. These drawings are closely tied to man in the widest sense, although the forms are often non-human, unnatural and sometimes mechanic. Through what is different than us, Petar Sibinović directs us to what is inside of our own selves. Bodily and facial deformations spontaneously give a character to the represented forms which are understood as anthropomorphic. It is this very compassion that leads the observer to identify with what is represented, subsequently allowing the subconscious to surface.

Text: Kristina Grebenar
Translation: Isidora Krstić
Photo: Milan Kralj