Belgrade Raw


June 11th – 27th

Belgrade Raw: Darko Stanimirović, Luka Knežević-Strika, Andrej Filev, Nemanja Knežević, Milovan Milenković, Jelena Mijić, Saša Trifunović, Dejan Golić, Dušan Rajić, Mane Radmanović

The exhibition live.belgraderaw deals with documenting, observing and the methods of presenting the perception of a city, but not exclusively through the photography of the Belgrade Raw collective. At this moment, photography and the image itself are becoming a universal communication tool out of the reason of their easy and fast creation and sharing possibilities. All this content is, in a way, processed through a camera, video or photographic, and most commonly the mobile phone camera. What we wanted to do is investigate the diversity of these technical possibilities.

With this exhibition we are looking into the use of photographs and videos from the perspective of personal use, as well as those that were made for other purposes. There are those which lean onto the objective side while others are apparently subjective, and are made in public or private space. We also go into the accessibility or rather the growing lack of such spaces.

Photo: Belgrade Raw