Tethering – release

frizMaja Beganović and Zoran L. Pantelić


October 13th – 22nd

Tethering contains release. We are being released of the tethering.
The darkness is just there where we did not let in (allow light). This is a performance of liberating (releasing) and enlightening (illumination). Tethering was the process that lasted. We were tethered for ages.
Everything that contains duality is not the real condition, because only one exists. And what preceed was a necessity of the things to the state of awakens and consciousness.
Janus loses the fight, because past and presence are overcome with the present moment. Everything is here and now. And that is liberating.

Text: Maja Beganović


“Disassembled systems of used worlds and their shadows and outlines compound over again – Measuring the contours of double coded freedom, perfo-installation”

Changes of the essence in endless lines of copying/new disposition and new essence in the collage of broken illusions. Overlapping and compression, endless repeating, damaged layers of genetic memory of the species and reading of the accidentally obtained code and key of the cell with suspicious knowledge in which we live. Multiplication of the mistake in the attempt of solving the universal formula of presence in one of unbounded dimensions of presence.
An armor of security is liberating and limiting the newly obtained freedom at the same time, the transparence of the walls is giving only the illusion of freedom.
Fragments of successful solutions are making unrepeatable picture in collage of expected, current kaleidoscopic ideal.
The great code is being transmitted by genetic memory to rituals that are describing the process of the becoming, making the great picture of totem printed on matrices of remembrance.
The matrices understood in this way represent the security network of existence that enable the individual orientation in unknown and hostile world of this dimension of existence.
The intention of the author is reminding to a possible solutions, and not to impose one model of the world and his/hers laws, because liberating starts with the conscious about prison of routine and lining up their limits.

Text: Zoran L. Pantelić


Photo: Maja Beganović, Čeda Nikolić, Jugoslav Nikolić and Zoran L. Pantelić