This Is What Is Not

Andrea Dramićanin and Maja Đorđević


Mart 26th – Aptil 9th

Consumerism has contributed to a multitude of innovations in the area of social conventions. However, the basic starting point of all the contemporary phenomena which manifest the human tendency towards making emotions socially acceptable and, above all, making their appearance distinctive, are ancient archetypical images whose presence can be tracked down to primitive culture communities. Essentially, the secular Neo-Pagan society that begins with the decline of all ideologies with its parties, celebrations, orgies, birthday celebrations and festivals, highlights moments of leisure and the immediacy for inter-sexual relation.
The ambiental setting of the exhibition in the gallery aims to mimic the iconography of a party: the abundance of phallic allegories in a subtle and appealing way enables a careful observer to understand the objects on a psychoanalytical level. Taking into account Lacan, these ambiguous allegories might make us wonder whether the “phalluses” represent a symptom of perversion or a phobia. In this way, the exhibited constellation of objects becomes latently interactive while the result of the interaction depends primarily on the reception of the individual observer. It seems that its true value is found in this particular aspect of the setting.

Text: Luka Tripković
Photo: Boris Burić, Nemanja Knežević