Friendly Little Creatures



July 13th – 29th

Curators: Albena Baeva and Rene Beekman
Artists: Albena Baeva, Rene Beekman, Nicoleta Boncheva, Petya Boyukova, Stefan Donchev and Ivan Shopov

Friendly Little Creatures is an exhibition of new interactive sculptures created by the artists of the Reaktiv studio for interactive design. In a world full of smartphones, smart television sets, and smart refrigerators that tell us when we’re running out of milk, the exhibition Friendly Little Creatures shows a series of smart art objects. Philosophers like Graham Harman, Ian Bogost and others have argued that there is no reason to view the world only from the point of view of humans. Every object around us understands the world from their own perspective and point of view. And that same world looks fundamentally different for each object.

The exhibition shows works in which artists have tried to get away from our usual anthropocentric view, to take the sides of small creatures that we share this world with and to look at things from their perspective. Friendly Little Creatures is a project by artists from the team of Reaktiv, a boutique studio that creates commercial interactive projects for museums, theater and advertisement. The works they have created for this exhibition confront us with our world from an alien point of view, namely that of smart objects around us.

Photo: Ivan Peikov, N. Ivanović