February 9th – 25th

Curator: Teodora Jeremić

Artists: Tatjana Radičević, Slavica Obradović, Marina Marković, Tijana Radenković, Mar Cuervo, Marijana Ćurčić and Milica Prelić

Design: Marija Pecić

Scream /ˈskriːm/ Primal sound, symbol of communication before language and articulate speech. It is usually instinctive or reflex action, defined by a strong emotional aspect such as fear, pain, surprise, joy, anger. Although pleasant emotions could be expressed by screaming too, as form of releasing internal tensions it is more often associated with personal state of inability to accept (“digest”) some situation.

In the modern consumer society, food has become a microcosm of the complex attitudes and values, where the link between food, emotions and meaning(lessness) proves to be inevitable and mutually conditioned. Certain emotions and emotional states (anger, anxiety, panic, joy …) prevent or block the feeling of hunger, other (stress, fear, depression …) act as triggers where unmet needs are being substituted with food that makes individual feel “fulfilled”, while any eating disorder is in its core frustratingly inseparable from the question of socially imposed, ideal psycho-physical body and the lifestyle related to it.
Through the prism of food delicate connection between needs, emotions, and meaning(lessness) is primarily reflected, as well as their social causality and inabillity of manifestation. Individual split to the inside, which can not be adequately expressed, and the outside, confronted with imposed expectations, actually share the same feeling of nausea and discomfort, essentially close to term abject by Julia Kristeva- where an individual abjects itself within the same motion through which it establishes itself. Thus heterogeneous flux defines territory of being that we call our own because the Other is pointed out through loathing or repulsion.
By demystifying of individual emotional self, and formal and conceptual articulation of what can or can not be digested from the personal as well as social point of view, exhibition IScream actualize question of ‘eaten’ wishes, needs and fears, and raise questions such us: what is eating us, what are we hungry for, while imposing inevitable doubt whether the feeling of “fullness” is attainable at all, or we are perpetually seeking escapism in metaphorical treats – nicely packed, appealing products with no nutritional value?
Examining dichotomies (inside-outside, Self-Other, individual-society…) Iscream represents the result of materialization of emotions where the intrasubjective is being converted into intersubjective, and illustrating the fact that the inner pain that would be otherwise manifested by scream, is being suffocated by art through which, paradoxically, speaks.

Photo: Marija Pecić

Kindly supported by: Coca-Cola and Moritz Eis