Kunstpilgerreise 3: Kassel–Athens

Marinka Limat


July 8th at 8 pm

Art Pilgrim journey 2017
Performance project by Marinka Limat
163 days – 2500 km on foot – 11 countries
Station: Belgrade

Ever since it was announced that Documenta14 is to take place in the twin locations of Kassel and Athens, a battle for the attention of art tourists has ensued. Both cities seek to benefit from the event itself and from the thousands of expected visitors. But what actually goes on between both locations? Which cultural players and institutions are to be found between these centres – in the gap, so to speak? What role does art play outside of institutions, in people’s lives?

Marinka Limat: “Kunstpilgerreise 3 will see me walking from Kassel to Athens during the Documenta. I will be going as a performance artist, travelling only on foot. I will be tracing a line between Kassel, a hotbed of contemporary art, and Athens, the cradle of western culture: for a total of 163 days and around 2500 kilometers, using my feet as the most elementary means of transport.
The art institutions on the way will be my stopping places:
Those that run them – thinkers
The unexpected and spontaneous – my oxygen
Encounters – my energy
As I walk along my path, I will be connecting two artistic hubs. Discovering what lies in between, giving it my attention, having the courage to face the unfamiliar, yet the freedom to feel my limits.
Taking the risk of getting lost – and of losing myself
Accepting the unknown
Trusting in human potential
It is in just this spirit that I am taking on the role of a modern messenger for art.”

Photo: V. Živojinović / RAS Srbija