_in the frenzy of the future

Marija Avramović, Sam Twidale, Valentin Haliecadol and Amy Jones


February 6th – 22nd

Three visual artists, Marija Avramović, Sam Twidale, Valentin Alicadol plus writer and curator Amy Jones, are proposing a view of the near future. Through paintings, drawings, text and new media pieces, the observer is witness to a cross-contamination of ideas; mutually symbiotic art production.

There is an irradiated twilight sky with a hyper-nebula dissipated on the wild ground. Elements and fictions arrested with magic and mirage. Black bramble marks the border of the Zone: a mysterious territory that was briefly visited by extraterrestrials. No message was left, no contact has been made. The only thing left behind is an unknown number of mysterious artefacts and the feeling of human insignificance.

In this enchanted world we follow four scavengers, Marija, Sam, Valentin and Amy, as they wander through a cross-contamination of imagination towards an eerie future of paradoxical temporality. Reacting to this reality, they make playful, almost childish video-gameish environments, balancing pessimistic and optimistic attitudes toward the future they’re left with. They are shapeshifting non-humans singing Tina Turner’s “We don’t need another hero” at the top of their non-voices, exploring the non-worlds in the frenzy of the future, a vibrant existenz of matter that matters beyond the Thunderdome …

“And the swag lies next to you and you don’t know whether it’s just lying there or slowly killing you.”*
*(from the book “Roadside Picnic”, Boris and Arkady Strugatski)

by everyone

Enter the Zone

Photo: N. Ivanović