Cosmic narratives

Ivana Kucina


November 11th – 27th

Man encounters the boundless cosmos and recognizes his own likeness in it, while observing himself he discovers his microcosm and finds something of the macrocosm in it. 

Looking inward, towards his own reflection, man asks questions, tries to touch the immaterial, searches through the unconscious, plays with the invisible, looks for the first spark of creation. Thoughts and feelings flow like water and constantly change, transform, pass. Life force flows from the inner source and gives birth to new life, overflows beyond man, individuals, and creates, melts into shapes, funnels into lines. Life is always moving, streaming and is being born again. Through the medium of animation, these constant movements and circulations take their image. Symbols intertwine and replace one another, searching to capture as many meanings as possible in their transient form. They gain their own life and move according to their own laws. Like dreams, they give birth to narratives and archetypal representations. These narratives ask questions and seek solutions. Through his invisible inner path and personal crises, man has long been guided by stories that seem to have been bigger than himself.

In this series of works, a relationship is set, a contrast between two spheres: that of the visible and the invisible, of the day and the night. The visible is reflected in the invisible, and the invisible in the visible; the night becomes a reflection of the day, and the day a reflection of the night; the golden bird alternates with the dark. Two birds meet – a bird and its opposite, a negative space that a bird herself animates with her own line, creating another bird. One line connects and separates two worlds. The bird itself is a strong archetypal symbol and the bearer of many meanings: freedom, life, death, change…

In the animations, the hands ruffle the unknown water of their reflection with their weight; the light springs from the inner spark, while at the same time we are threatened by the flame of destruction; a cheerful but strong source plays on a calm stone; the rain stirs the inside in the outer shell. Even when the body is at rest, the soul is always in motion.

Photo: N. Ivanović