Do I really need a mind?

Katerina Charou, Evgenia Ioannidou, Vincent Meyrignac, Anna Samara


April 21st – May 13th

First ask yourself out loud: “Do I really need a mind?”

Then gather all the eggs you can find the day before, and break half of them on your window. Remember this has to be done in daylight. Leave the remains of the eggs there until nighttime comes. Place a glass on the kitchen floor. Now you will need an aluminium foil which you will use to create a small rabbit-like shape. Once you are done, place that shape next to the glass on the floor. 

Now sleep takes over. If the spell appears you will wake up at the right time. Go to the kitchen to see the glass you left there before, it is now full. Look at the window. The eggs markings should look like dog teeth and some hairs should already be appearing. If that’s what you see, grab the glass from the floor, open the tv and put on the midnight news. Observe what the host is wearing. What does his tie look like? Now he will play us a scene from a traditional dance. The dancers are holding each other by the shoulders and dancing in circles. 

Drink the content of the glass and stare at the show really intensely. You will begin to feel your body spinning and your hands and feet will start to imitate the dancers’ movements. The music will progressively accelerate and you will suddenly become one of them. While you keep on dancing you will contaminate the other dancers and little by little you will become all of them, they will become all of you.

 The dance is now going super fast and it’s hard to keep up with the rhythm, but hold on. As you keep your eyes open the day will become the night, the night will become the day. Your feet will start a fire that will ignite you. All of a sudden you will feel your body burst and several parts of it will scatter the room until you find yourself in a new form.

Ιf the spell did not work, just pretend you are asleep and watch the midnight news.

Photo: N. Ivanović