Under Your Gaze



July 12th – 28th

Curator: Jovana Trifuljesko

Artists: Alma Gačanin, Anastasija Pavić / Đurđina Samardžić / Maja Halilović, Bojana Branković, Kemil Bekteši, Maja Simišić

No matter how strong, independent, rough, soft, or sensitive a woman is, she stands only as a means that will move a man in his quest for self-realization.
What moves her?
Even though the term male-gaze, on which the primary concept of the exhibition is based, was firstly tied to film theory, in contemporary society it is becoming ever more prevalent in the public discourse and feminist theory.
The commodification of female sexuality is not a new phenomenon from our prehistoric ancestors to porn stars, the woman’s body always served the male gaze.
She is the carrier of a womb that needs to be filled.
In the contemporary internet world, there is an increasingly popular trend, especially on TikTok, „How I stopped dressing for the male gaze.”
The concept of the male gaze has broken all barriers and gotten into the mainstream, but what does it actually represent? And is there even a way that we can stay clear of it?
Margaret Atwood once said in an interview: „Men often ask me, ‘Why are your female characters so paranoid? ‘ It’s not paranoia. It’s recognition of their situation.”
That is where the issue of this exhibition lies, the problem of being exposed to another’s gaze at every moment. How does the sexualization of women’s bodies no matter the context they’re in, affect us?
What is the image of the woman, mother, prostitute? How and when does she turn into a castrative demonized feminist, wanting to murder men and spread obscenities that will ruin traditional family values? What is the difference between the gaze of admiration and the predatory gaze? Is there even any, and is it important, when YOU are the one who is watched?
There is a pleasure on both sides of the gaze. But when it is systematized, do you even have a choice not to enjoy it?
From the 12th of July to the 2nd of October in the U10 Art Space there will be a new project to support the young contemporary art scene. The initiative is called Podium, and this year it will be lead by five art historians: Jovana Trifuljesko, Nevena Bogojević, Kristina Armuš, Bojana Jovanović i Stefan Ralević. The first exhibition that will happen in the program is Under Your Gaze.
Photos of the exhibition: N. Ivanović
Photos of the performances: V. Đorđević