Podium: Prepad Festival

Society of Joint Responsibility / d.u.o.



The aim of the “Prepad” initiative is to provide support and foster connections among young artists. To date, four “Prepad” Festivals have been organized, giving teenagers aged 15 to 19 from various cities across Serbia the opportunity to showcase their work in categories such as visual arts, photography, music, film, and poetry.


“Prepad” was established by individuals who are currently 18 to 20 years old. Their intention was for the Festival to evolve while retaining a sense of youthful spirit, always dedicated to addressing challenges, such as the underappreciation of young artists in Serbia. The members of the “Prepad” initiative include: Ilija Maršićević, Maša Sekulović, Petar Obradović, Nađa Marjanović, Katarina Zarić and Dunja Cvejanov.


Festival Program:

*The Festival program is free, with the recommended donation for all programs being 200 dinars, in order to support the ongoing efforts of the “Prepad” initiative.


Wednesday, August 30, U10

19.00-19.30 Opening of the Festival

19.30-20.15 Guided tour through the exhibition

20.15-21.00 Poetry

21.00-21.15 Break

21.15-22.00 Poetry


Thursday, August 31, U10

19.00-21.00 DJ matinee and Bazar


Friday, September 1, Devojački park (park in front of U10)

18.00-22.00 Concerts


Saturday, September 2, New Cinema Zvezda (Terazije 40)

20.00-21.00 Movies

21.00-21.20 Break

21.20-22.20 Movies

*The exhibition at U10 is open until September 5. U10 work hours: every day form 12 pm to 8 pm.