Reverse Evolution

Nikola Grozdanović


May 24th – June 16th


Now I’m always thinking about him.
I wouldn’t know what to do, if it weren’t there.
I’m not afraid of the faulty teeth and squint eyes
The Tooth-man is so old.
From time to time I jump for a moment, so that he can’t see me,
With hollow eyes, I want to caress the wind
I miss that feeling
It has worn off and became an animal instinct,
I emit a horrible smell and nobody understands me
I am a tooth-man.
Construction and catharsis,
But above all, a great delusion and an ant-hill covering the body.
If you feel an inch of his nose on your face,
He is no longer close.
Take a good look, the years have run you over
You think you know yourself,
So where do all those teeth come from
And what are you staring at with those gigantic eyes.
Yes, you too are the tooth-man
Meteors, holes and chunks
Lots of things on the road.
You are also here, but of course,

Translation: Isidora Krstić
Photo: Velimir Popović