Open Call



U10 Art Space announces its open call for the 2024 annual program. U10 is an artist run space in Belgrade, Serbia and supports the presentation, promotion and affirmation of young emerging artists from Serbia, the region, and abroad that work in the field of contemporary art. We also welcome international projects.

The full text of the open call can be found here. Please read it carefully before applying.

Art space plan can be found here.

The call is open until October 20, 2023.

To submit your application to the open call, please exclusively use our online application form.



    Before filling in the application, please read through the full open call text. If you have any additional questions, you can contact us through our E-mail, or through our social media platforms.

    Contact information of the applicant

    (If more than one author is participating in the project, or if it is a group show, enter the contact person's details)

    * Name and surname:

    * E-mail:

    * Telephone number:

    Names of other participants of the project:
    (In the case of a group exhibition or curatorial project)

    * Applicant/s information

    (Please send CVs and optional, portfolios of previous work of all participants in one PDF file up to 5 MB titled in the format: “SurnameName_Application2024”)

    * Project proposal

    Project title:

    * Project description:
    (Please enter your artistic statement. The description should be up to 2000 characters with spaces)

    * Description of the exhibition:
    (If the project is complete, please describe how it would be shown at U10. If the project is incomplete or is a durational, spoken-word, performative or another format, please describe how it will be positioned within the space in up to 1500 characters with spaces)

    * Equipment:
    (Please enter what technical equipment your project necessitates. A list of available equipment can be found in the text of the open call)

    Upload media and additional information

    (Please attach up to 10 images or illustrations of your proposal, in JPG or PNG format, up to 10 MB in total. All files should be titled in the following format: “Surname_WorkTitle_YearOfProduction”)

    Video and audio links
    (Please send us links to files on platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. Don’t forget to include your password if it is a protected link. The links should be active until November 25, 2023!)

    Additional comment
    (If there is something else you would like us to know, please enter here)

    Please check whether all your information is accurate. After that, click the SUBMIT button. You are done!