The Catalogue of Anthropomorphic Species

Isidora Krstić


August 30th – September 15th

My recent work encompasses the research of topics ranging from the anatomy of living beings, anthropomorphism and urban landscapes, focusing on the formal, conceptual and technological aspects that visual content carries along with its various interpretations. The core of my work with photographs is principally sparked by two fascinations; photographic technology on one hand, and large cities on the other, together with the notion of documenting a fragment of a variable one-time reality. In questioning how real the real is, the images I work with find themselves in a mid-space of the newly built representation and the deconstructed photograph.

Lacan’s concept of the real, as the representation of the real being more real than reality itself, with all its ambiguity, seems to weave itself into every aspect of the work. The concept additionally appears when experimenting with the ideas of chance and randomness where I undertake the role of autonomous computer software. Here I assign myself to work along a predefined course, using a manual approach to “generate” the work in contrast to digital programming.