The Elements of Reality

Nina Ivanović


November 22nd – December 8th

The associations which a particular place, situation or object evoke in us are something that I regard as being very subtle, characteristic but above all, subjective. The comfortable warm air, moist asphalt on the market, the blinding reflection on the hair of a Japanese person, symmetry, geometry, speed, coincidence and repetition – these are just a few elements of reality from which my notes of stolen moments come into being, pursued with my camera.

At the very beginning, I portrayed the fascination with particular situations which were mostly connected to the urban surrounding, with drawings. These drawings were made hastily, using felt-tip and rapidograph pens. What then emerged out of these pure linear depictions, were drawings in wire, “arising” to stand independently in space having only the sky or wall as a background; where noting with felt-tip pens slowly became substituted with the camera.

These works carry fragments of times and places that I had a chance to feel.

Translation: Isidora Krstić
Photo: Ivan Iliev