From Somewhere to Nowhere

Davor Gromilović


May 2nd – 18th

Details from the unwritten book of human experience…

Discarding direct information transmission as well as the current daily-newspaper state of society, this series of paintings deals with the genuine and timeless actuators of every human being spanning as far as millenniums before. Knowingly working with symbols and a characteristic sense of humour, depicting human reactions and interactions in often absurd and abstract moments, Davor tries to connect to the collective consciousness with an intention to collect unspoken truths, assumptions, impressions and re-enacted tragedies of man’s spirit and mind. Guided by the definition of allegory, that the innermost part of one world is best described with the outer part of another, beings and landscapes are symbolically constructed with a message found right beneath the fairy-tale like façade. The cumulative composition of a paintings’ surface and collaging situations imposes a strong leitmotiv to the viewer, together with the notion that many things in life can’t be explained, and have even less control upon them. Similar to R.E. Howard’s Hyboria, a world set in a fictional mid-period, so do the elements of Davor’s paintings drift in space and time, often showing the synergy between the always set at odds East and West, building the universal habitus of humankind, where the details of the unwritten book of human experience lie. These experiences, lived in one moment, somewhere on the surface of the Earth, but which have with their grotesque, tension and obscurity affected that they be not recorded… anywhere.

 Igor Matić