Map as Medium


U10 Art Space
February 23rd 2015

Tačka komunikacije

In February 2015, Tačka komunikacije from Belgrade organized one day conference Map as medium. “Mapmaking” was discussed from different aspects – as a medium for communicating content, orientation, as a historical document, but also as medium for expressing different political ideologies, or as a tool for activism. This event was organized for students, as well as for professionals and experts in fields of new media, architecture, social sciences and design. Tačka komunikacije gathers professionals and individuals from different fields of interest who participate in new ways of presentation of the city and cultural heritage. By being active in different fields of culture, new media, tourism, they participate in research of new ways of approaching analysis of social history, architecture, public policies and practises of groups and individuals in context of urbanistic and social city development.

Photo: Nemanja Knežević