Counterpoint Figuration

TNC – The New Curators


September 6th – 17th

Performance artists: Sergio Valenzuela (CL) and Sebastiano Sing (DE), exhibitors: Federico Moccia (CL/AT), Patrick Church (UK), Armando de la Garza (MX), Matias Yacob San Martín (CL), Felipe Rivas San Martín (CL), Matias Solar (CL) and Michał Rutz (Poland)

Counterpoint figuration – performance and paintings? What’s new here? Nothing more than talent and freedom of showing art production without the institutional pressure. What the artist had in common is they paint and do figurative artwork. Representations of reality through contemporary approaches, techniques, colours and human bodies are back, giving us the idea of reading fragments of this reality once again. Reality that involves the Internet, tele-presence and our fictional scopes.

The title attempts to show that not anything can be love or money, we also needfiguration. Somehow the commission mean so badly something like: let’s figure out what figuration is about again and again, sort of selling with love something that we can explain simply. How far are we from the bottom of our pockets? Maybe very, nevertheless let’s see what new generations figured out about how unsure reality is.
Regarding performance – installations are other media in comparison to painting but also the approach is not abstraction, it involves the same question offiguration but in a different stage just performances touch the idea of gestures, doing ideas through the body, as brushes of concepts, actions attempts to do figure out what is about body again and again. As far as we cannot sell performance is more about installing the residual body of the action, like photography, videos, sculptures, costumes or drawings.

Maybe this exhibition is a bit far from conceptual art just near to something perceptible as a translation from today’s time and feelings.

Photo: N. Ivanović