Stream of Thought

Igor Simić & Co.


May 26th – 28th

Videos from the award-winning “Monologue trilogy” explore narratives, which shape our everyday life, from intimate psychology to global politics. “The Thinker in the Supermarket” deals with packaging as a way of consumption, profiting, and space construction. A contemporary version of Rodin’s The Thinker confronts The Gates of Hell – a supermarket shelf. “Cost-Benefit-Love” shows two lovers whose thoughts and plans diverge, a depiction of liquid love by Zygmunt Bauman. “Melancholic drone” hints at the possibility that a machine might experience more nuanced feelings than humans. The drone fights an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for something he has never experienced, he dreams of alternatives. Also, new works will be on display, such as the prototype for Spine 2.0, a smart implant for spineless people, ideal for politicians, who are already pre-ordering this product. All these works Simic completed in cooperation with a team: director of photography Nemanja Jovanov, sound designer Shane Berry, and numerous actors, collaborators, with the support of the team of Demagog studio.

The starting point of the works is the examination of thinking patterns and narratives, which are superficially accepted on a personal and social level. Today, when personal expression is widely spread on social networks and in pop culture, it is not enough for an artist to express herself. The selected works from 2013 to 2016 grapple with our position in the time of post-humanism, amidst a socio-financial crisis. If we do not influence the shaping of this age to come, others will enforce it upon us.

Photo: Nemanja Jovanov