A light room @ Actopolis


Belgrade City Museum, Belgrade, Serbia
April 25th – May 20th 2017

U10 presents: Sofija Crnjanski and Martina Petrović

“A Light Room” is a joint venture by Martina Petrović and Sofija Crnjanski that was developed over the course of six months. It was conceived as a dialogue that the two artists were having while residing on two different locations – Belgrade and Lisbon. Namely, by treating a photograph as a thin slice of space and time which allows us to ‘tweak’ reality, deny continuity or build new connections, the artists constituted a particular photographic dialogue. When one of them would send over a series of photographs, the other would inspired by it respond, and thus trigger a starting point for the next response.

In this way, the artists questioned the limits of photography and its ability to reproduce reality, which is always narrower but more dramatic than our ‘natural’ view. The following questions come to mind: How important is the fact that the photographs were taken in two separate places; and is there an aesthetical as well as an emotional unity created between the ‘photo-responses’ which surpasses the geographical reality and forms a new ‘photo-geographical’ space which spreads over the “lightroom”. As a result of this process, four separate thematic sections are set apart, three are shown in U10 Art Space and the fourth in the Belgrade City Museum, as part of the exhibition “Actopolis”.


Photo: Mirjana Boba Stojadinović