Inside of Seismograph

Katrin Keller, Mia Ćuk, Fokus grupa


October 22nd – November 14th

The project “Inside the Seismograph” investigates the seismograph as a technical instrument, a socio-political metaphor and above all, a reference in the context of artistic practice. The exhibition seeks to pose a series of inquiries into the phenomenon of the seismographic such as- what is the role of artists in society and can making art be described as a ‘seismographic practice’? How much poetical or analytical potential do geological metaphors have in terms of describing society? What happens when geology, society and politics meet? Artworks featured in the exhibition offer different readings of the subject through particular strategies; from appropriation of the aesthetics of the seismographic data, interpretation of the geo-scientific methodology, to poetic rendering of the seismographic in relation to fragmentary experiences of the everyday life.

Through the works of two artists and one artistic collective featured in the exhibition, we are confronted with odd points of departure, divergent approaches, passages and paraphrases of this quivering topic.

Photo: Mia Ćuk