You are something else

Dunja Ožegović


October 1st – 17th

It is always necessary to say the words – it is a slippery and thin foundation that passes, moves and collapses. In the constant subtlety of details and situations, the notion of freedom of speech is armouredly forceful and defiant, in the constant contradiction in escaping from the relations of solitude and loneliness. Under dreamlike and thought spaces, understanding requires looking something straight in the eye, listening carefully and, above all, standing upright. All possible human stability is a meditation on (un)certainty, and the exhibition You are something else allows me to identify with it in a symbiotic wholeness.

Undoubtedly, under the vortex of fluid images, the subtle threads of the human soul will melt; in reading scenes that had settled, overlapped, and permeated all recorded lines will be as pale as salt; only in dissolving and defending against illustrativity I can closely observe the shell as a motif with something human. In search of the essence, the shell, like our body, shrinks and expands: from day to day, from light to darkness, from darkness to darkness. My art notes are therefore a building block of a self-sustaining unit – there is nothing beyond that, everything is as heavy and inconceivable as luggage.

In the action of the world in which I exist, You are something else is an unequivocal and clear message to everyone when they encounter my works – that a person really is something else, no matter how unsteady it may seem as a solution, but also as a dead end.

Alloying like chemical ingredients, fatally, analytically, and without hiding, my solo exhibition conceptually and emotionally reveals different states and meanings; willingness to search to the very bottom of my teeth by surrendering, but not by thinking of coming back!

Translation: Anja Tončić
Photo: N. Ivanović