March 23 – April 3

Artists: Milica Bilanović, Kristina Cvetuljski, Filip Đukić, Marija Janićijević, Stefan Jovanov, Milan Kacevski, Ivana Micić, Živana Mijailović, Vanja Mijatović, Teodora Nikolić, Sofija Pašalić, Konstantinos Patelis Milićević, Danilo Paunović, Tijana Petrović, Uroš Stojiljković, Marija Vukotić, Nebojša Yamasaki-Vukelić

At the moment of its establishment, the U10 collective was consisted of a group of young artists, graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and sharing the same ideas, who found alliance to be a solution to the problems they faced as already formed artistic personalities in a process of integration into the local art scene. The properties of the founders of the U10 Art Space determined its identity – from the very beginning, the exhibitors were young artists who had completed their art education and who had begun their independent artistic practice or had been developing it for some time. However, as years were passing by, a distance between the members of the collective, their exhibitors, and even the regular audience of the U10 Art Space on the one side and new generations of students on the other side, was naturally created. The MASTERPIECES project, first performed in 2019, stemmed from the desire to stop this growing discontinuity. The visible result of this project is an exhibition of selected works by a number of master students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, whose works are supported and promoted in this way. However, the process of its creation, comprising an important social and educational component, is equally significant. The social part refers to the intergenerational connection that will form the basis for future cooperation and is achieved through intensive communication between members of the collective and students during visits to the Faculty studios and the realization of the exhibition. On the other hand, the educational component arises from understanding the limitations of artistic education and the importance of giving students the opportunity to, often for the first time, publicly present their work within an extracurricular setting, and through their active participation gain valuable experience in exhibition conceiving and organization, presentation of their works and communication with the audience. As this project has justified the original expectations in all its aspects over the past years, and in some cases even exceeded them, we are pleased to present, for the third year in a row, the latest generation of young artists who will soon begin their independent professional activities and whose works are part of the exhibition MASTERPIECES III.

Photo: N. Ivanović