March 26th – April 16th

Artists: Tamara Agić, Jovana Babić, Pavle Banović, Danilo Bursać, Pavle Ćurčić, Matija Kanjerić, Anđela Kopanja, Barbara Laković, Luka Ličina, Sonja Lundin, Mladen Mićić, Jelena Milatović, Tina Mirović, Marko Obradović, Nevena Ostojić, Jana Stojanović, Marija Vilimonović, Vanja Žunić

The first edition of the “Masterpieces” project was held in 2019, and since then it has been continuously realized once a year at U10 Art Space. As in the previous years, within the fourth edition of the exhibition, current works of master students from all departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade will be presented. The reason for starting the project was the desire to bridge the growing gap that naturally began to form between the generation of members of the U10 collective, the exhibitors and permanent audience of U10, on the one hand, and the emerging generations of students of the Faculty of Fine Arts on the other. In addition to achieving intergenerational contact and continuity, the main goals of the “Masterpieces” project are to include the youngest actors of the local art scene in the annual U10 program and increase their representation and visibility on the Belgrade art scene, as well as present, promote and support their work. The aim is also to acquaint the participants with the exhibition space and the entire process of organisation and realisation of the exhibition, outside the faculty, in order to further educate and encourage future art professionals in the field of production, exhibition and presentation of their artwork. Finally, the intention is to get to know and connect within the art scene in order to integrate and establish a basis for future collaborations. As in the previous editions, the project will take place through direct cooperation and open communication between FFA master students and the U10 team, and the instalment will be the result of the teamwork of all the participants. Eighteen young artists will present their works as part of the “Masterpieces IV” exhibition.

Graphic design: Aleksandra Jovanić

Photo: N. Ivanović