Reimagining the Ecology of Art



August 2nd – 12th

Curator: Nevena Bogojević

Artists: Aleksandra Veljović, Ana Stojković / Dimitrije Popović / Milica Bilanović, Milica Vesić, Aleksandar Petrović (guitar, bass guitar), Miljan Mitrović (keyboard), Nikola Radojičić (drums), Danilo Marinković (composer)

What would happen if we took away the borders between creativity in the fields of visual and musical arts, and if we united the existing or newly conceived artistic sensations in the goal of making a novel synesthetic language that is forming in an artistic space? What is the result when the tactile can be heard and the invisible touched and visually recognised?
The goal of the exhibition Reimagining the Ecology of Art is seen as a proposal and presentation of a new process of creating, one that breaks the exclusive division of visual and musical arts, and in doing so, gives way to unity of the two spheres during artistic expression. It is about an approach where the primary idea is based on interdisciplinarity.

Because of this, the exhibition, in a metaphorical sense, creates an artistic ecosystem in which there are no primary or secondary actors or a hierarchical structure of action, but rather, a community which appropriates within itself a cyclical method of communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas, thus creating inspiration that continually circles between the creators. The cyclical action of this system is filled with action, reaction and coaction. This way, the artists are involved in a creative process that requires they simultaneously take, give, fill in and depend on each other.

So, the exhibition represents a method of creativity that needs visual artists to incorporate a tactile component of the musical sphere to their work (parts or wholes of dispensable materials, such as old or torn note sheets, strings, bows and other unusable parts of the corpus of musical instruments). Recycling materials in this way and being inspired by them, they simultaneously adopt music as a part of their identity and give way to the possibility for it to take a material structure. Music performers that had an insight into every step and way of the creation of the visual piece, the finished result of the contemplation and inspiration process conceived by creativity of visual artists, now present inside the art space in front of the piece.

In direct communication with the artworks and during examination of the presented pieces, the musicians compose on the spot, they improvise the visually inspired musical harmony, that gives a new shape to the works, one that is immaterial and immeasurable.


From the 12th of July to the 2nd of October in the U10 Art Space there will be a new project to support the young contemporary art scene. The initiative is called Podium, and this year it will be led by five art historians: Jovana Trifuljesko, Nevena Bogojević, Kristina Armuš, Bojana Jovanović and Stefan Ralević.

Photo: J. Trifuljesko