Society of Joint Responsibility / d.u.o.


July 15 – September 20

One of the important issues within each group/institution is the representation and visibility of all those who act, i.e., what is the nature of the relationship and the hierarchy within it. Is a horizontal hierarchy possible? What would it look like? What happens when an institution without its headquarters is granted space to operate within for a limited time – in this case, 12 weeks?

With these questions in mind, and in the spirit of the basic principle of the collective’s functioning, which is based on the idea of the commons, the project includes several program units during which each member of the collective d.u.o. assumes responsibility for the activities of the group as well as the program/role of the U10 gallery infrastructure and space. During the entire period of the project, which spans the months of July, August and September, the gallery space will simultaneously serve as the base of the working group: an office, meeting place, living area, and exhibition space. This space is open to the public at all times, allowing the audience to participate in these processes or simply observe. The entire period will be documented and made available online at all times, and part of the program will take place outside the gallery – in the public space, the “Čubra” art space, as well as in the New Zvezda Cinema.

Since its establishment, the Society of joint responsibility / d.u.o. has been thinking about its “Second Home”, a temporary and easily portable place of thought. At the very beginning, d.u.o. will begin construction, and throughout the duration of the Podium, “Second Home” will be created and expanded by accepting donations of various textile materials that will form the walls of the house within U10 Art Space.

Thinking about common gestures that we can perform as a collective, as well as with everyone who is interested in participating (colleagues, friends, and the public), we are launching a series of programs and actions called “Rituals”. Through rituals such as drinking coffee in the morning and solving riddles, walking in a group (10,000+ steps), sharing ratluk (Turkish delight) with neighbours, and more, we aim to explore the possibility of creating rituals that foster deep connections, heal us, nurture togetherness, and strengthen our bonds.

And especially for, and only during the Podium, we are launching a podcast called “Pillow Talk”, about everything and nothing, available on a daily basis.

Finally, the goal of such an open structure of the program within the U10 Art Space is for the format of community gatherings, public talks, and hybrid events to be part of a long-lasting artistic process, not limited only by the exhibition format as a traditional way of presenting artistic ideas. The twelve-week program will be realized in cooperation with various collectives and initiatives and will also include exhibitions, exercises, public programs, concerts, workshops, performances, presentations, performative actions, and a discursive program, among other things.

Some of the collaborators, artists, and colleagues who, in cooperation with d.u.o. within the Podium, design, realize, and perform their projects, are: “Čubra” Collective (Sara Stanković, Ksenija Tajsić, Andrija Vujović, Teodora Spasić, Vanja Žunić); group fiftEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEn from Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig (Luis Kürschner, Anna Görnitz, Max Bergmann, Andreas Baumgartner, Luisa Walther, Asta Gröting, Rose Texier, Luca Rohringer, Aleksandra Saša Jeremić, Charlotte Kremberg, Maria Conrad, Elja Ora, Matilda Finsterbuch, Moriz Hertel); Miro Benaković; Omladinska Pozorišna Scena Paraćina (Paraćin Youth Theatre Troop: Milica Ranđelović, Bogdan Ćolić, Tina Prvulović, Natalija Nešić); “Prepad” Festival (Ilija Maršićević, Maša Sekulović, Petar Obradović, Nađa Marjanović, Katarina Zarić and Dunja Cvejanov); City Guerilla and Škograd Collective; Ana Pinter; Jasminka Petrović; Uroš Petrović; Dragana Ćećez-Iljukić (The Philological High School of Belgrade); Dražen Vračar (The Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium); Maja Bosnić; Miloš Jovanović; Mirjana Utvić; Andrea Beganović… and many others will participate in Podium 2023 through programs and formats such as “Summer Cinema at Zvezda”, exhibitions of self-taught painters titled “A Creature is Created to Create”, the podcast “Pillow Talk”, among others.

Through the Podium, the Society of joint responsibility aims to share its experiences derived from past practices, activities, and processes on the subject of the institution of the future, (artistic) community, and self-organization. It also seeks to engage in exchange and interaction with visitors, exposing itself to changes that could potentially impact the further development of the group and its processes.

Collective Society of joint responsibility / d.u.o. consists of: Pavle Banović, Bogdan Đukanović, Vanja Žunić, Aleksandra Saša Jeremić, Katarina Jovanović – Alfa, Katarina Kostandinović, Zorica Milisavljević, Jelena Nikolić, Sara Pantović, Slavica Obradović and Selman Trtovac.

The project “Impossible it’s impossible” within the framework of Podium 2023 is being realized with the support of the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade, the Goethe-Institut Belgrade, and U10 Art Space.


About the Podium:

U10 Art Space organizes the Podium project with the intention of supporting groups of young professionals who work in the field of art and culture and aspire to collective organization and action. Through a new program format, the project enables them to create, organize, and realize their own exhibition program that goes beyond the usual term for solo/group exhibitions within the regular annual program. U10 Art Space provides education, professional help, and resources to facilitate this process.

The Society of joint responsibility / d.u.o. has been selected in the open call for the Podium 2023 project. It will be realized with the support of the U10 team, which will provide its space and resources to the participants during the three summer months of 2023 (July, August and September).