Ivan Marković


December 1st – 23rd


The photo series “Inventory” represents a visual analysis of the chronology of change of Sava Centre. Created over the months of the recently completed reconstruction, the “Inventory” series examines the permanence of the identity of this architecturally and socio-historically significant space: Does Sava Centre remain the same space after privatization and reconstruction, even when the architectural foundation undergoes no drastic changes? Does the identity of the space persist after the replacement of interior elements, materials, and surfaces that bear traces of time and direct traces of lived-in history?

In 1978, Sava Centre embodied the idea of a contemporary, international Yugoslavia. As an aesthetic hyperbole of the ideals of the society at that time, it represented a vision, a promise, and a directive. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, it gradually became more neglected but, even in such a state, reflected society’s attitude towards the legacy of modernism and socialism. Over the years, as a spatial and temporal vacuum, Sava Centre became an inventory of forgotten things, sketches, and traces of a never realized and abandoned vision of the future.

The photo series “Inventory” depicts various phases of change: the relocation of furniture, removal of wall and floor surfaces, stripping the space down to bare concrete. The work showcases former interior elements in the final phase of their existence and follows the process of their removal. The photographs blend different temporal and spatial perspectives, introducing an intimate relationship with the memory and atmosphere of this space.


Project collaborators: Jelena Radenković, Staša Bukumirović, Sara Preradović, Igor Đorđević, Katharina Hauke, Milan Marković

Special thanks: Dušica Vidaković, Dušan Filipović, Zoran Aleksić, Jelena Ivanović-Vojvodić, Milosav Filipović, Marko Vučković


Photos: Ivan Marković