March 25th – April 13th


Artists: Anja Arambašić, Obrad Ćešić, Bojan Dimić, Iva Dimitrijević, Ilija Dinčić, Nikola Đelošević, Isidora Jancić, Lena Jovanović, Jana Jovašević, Aleksandra Kovačević, Bojana Milašinović, Sofija Pavković, Teodora Pendić, Anja Petrović, Lola Petrović, Bojana Prodanović, Đorđe Radović, Aleksandar Smederevac, Veljko Stanojević, Zorana Stevanović, Jelena Vojvodić, Ksenija Vučićević

The “Masterpieces” project was held for the first time in 2019 and since then it has been realised annually at U10 Art Space. As part of the fifth edition of the exhibition, the works of Master’s students from all departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade are presented. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce and connect within the art scene in order to integrate and establish a base for future cooperation. As in previous editions, the project will take place in direct cooperation and open communication between Master students of FFA and the U10 collective, and the installation will be carried out through the teamwork of all participants. As part of the exhibition “Masterpieces V”, twenty-two young artists will present their works.

During the fifth edition of “Masterpieces”, numerous and diverse topics are highlighted, which reflect, among other things, topics of essential importance for young authors today. Bearing the elusive term of contemporaneity, the works communicate the constant need for understanding: oneself, transience, social constructs, everyday landscapes, gender norms, heritage, artistic principles, etc. It is almost aimless to try to mould these themes and narratives into a single exhibition concept, however, it seems important to try to map the threads that interweave through the exhibition. Recognizing these phenomena leads not only to an annual overview of the young contemporary art scene, but also opens up a space for discussion about what is important to young people today, where and how their attention is held, and what exactly are the values of the time in which we live and create. Here and now are the terms that are forever escaping, they are there in sight but out of reach. “Masterpieces” is precisely an invitation to this kind of presence, which is nurtured through recognition, cooperation, and support of the scene in order to integrate and establish a base for future collaborations.

Photos: N. Ivanović