Podium program August 8 – September 2

Society of Joint Responsibility / d.u.o.




  • PILLOW TALKS – podcast by d.u.o.

Especially for, and only during Podium 2023, we are launching a podcast called “Pillow talks” about everything and nothing, to listen to every day, ideally before going to bed. Episodes will be published according to the dynamics of the program.

The podcast is mainly in Serbian with no subtitles available for now, on YouTube and Spotify.


  • A CREATURE IS CREATED TO CREATE, an exhibition of autodidact artists

The exhibition is open until August 16, U10 is open every day from 12.00 until 20.00, except on Sundays and Mondays.

Artists: Ana Janaćković, Dragana Jelača, Dragoslava Stanković, Goran Tasić, Jasmina MIlošević, Laslo Retek, Marina Petrović, Predrag Milovanović, Šandor Stefanović, Slaviša Marković, Sonja Olah Milović, Tinde Nenadov, Valentina Jevtić Mitranić, Danja Doroški, Draga Mrvoš Mott, Filip Jovanović, Ljiljana Jerinić, Ljiljana Stanimirović, Marija Stojanović, Marija Veličković, Miloš Milošević, Nada Pilipović, Svetlana Moritz, Žarko Đukić, Jovica Kostić


  • Saturday, August 12, 18.00-22.00


Meet Pavle Strainović, a developer who decided to take a break and explore a new rhythm. Currently, on a refreshing sabbatical, Pavle has fully surrendered to the art of DJing, swapping the keyboard for a DJ controller, programming for beats. But here’s the twist – this is no ordinary performance. Instead, Pavle will devote himself to the practice process, “playing” for a small group of people while perfecting his technique and expressing his creativity. Join Pavle on this musical adventure, where the only code is the one that makes you dance, and where the practice process itself takes on a special meaning.

  • Friday, August 25, 21.00-24.00


Everyone interested may send their video, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes, to the email drustvoudruzenedogbornosti@gmail.com no later than Monday, August 21 at 11.59, with the subject “Movie night at Zvezda”.

Again, we invite all interested authors from Serbia to submit their video works to be shown at New Cinema Zvezda. The program consists of showing all video contributions in continuity, one after another, without interruption. The duration of the program is determined by the number of entries submitted, which are not subject to any selection process. All submitted video works will be shown, except those that affirm inequality or discrimination. 

  • From August 30 until September 2

“PREPAD” FESTIVAL at U10+New Cinema Zvezda

The open call for participants in the “Prepad” Festival is open until August 15, and is intended for young artists aged 14 to 19. The open call includes fine arts, photography, poetry, film, music and a free category.

For additional information, write to prepad.festival@gmail.com